Taking a Look at AR-15’s and the Dangers They Pose to Society

In many several recent mass shootings, such as the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, the gun used was the AR-15 rifle. This gun is typically used by infantry troops although it can be purchased by civilians as well. With the rise of mass shootings using this weapon, there has been new scrutiny of assault weapons and the danger that they pose to society.

Understanding the AR-15

The New York Times reviewed the function of the AR-15 and why it is more dangerous than a typical gun. The military AR-15 allows for a “burst” mode which will cause three rounds to be fired with a single trigger pull. You can find out all about the best ar 15 scopes on theGunSource.com.  The military versions of this model also have an automatic feature which allows bullets to be fired until the magazine is empty or the trigger is released.

Even the civilian model can be fired rapidly up to 15 rounds per minute. The civilian AR-15s carry 30 rounds in cartridges that can be swapped quickly. A moderately experienced gunman can fire more than a hundred rounds in just minutes. The Parkland gunman was able to do this without military level training. In many states, the average civilian can buy magazines that hold up to 100 rounds.

Another aspect of the AR-15 that makes it particularly deadly is that it uses smaller and lighter bullets than earlier models which are able to travel at a high speed. The end result is that a small, fast-traveling bullet causes more damage than a larger round, as reported in The Atlantic ‘s review of why the AR-15 is so lethal.

Law Enforcement and Assault Weapons

During a news conference, the Loss Angeles Police Chief Charlie Beck denied the need for the average citizen to own an assault weapon. He said that a peaceful society based on the rule of law should not have citizens that are around with 30-round magazines. Instead of providing home protection, these weapons are instead used to cause mass deaths.

This is just one example of the many statements that have been made by trained professionals about the dangers of the AR-15 or similar assault weapons when available to the general public. The Oklahoma City Police Chief Bill Citty made a similar statement in 2011 when he said that there was no practical reason why a civilian would need an AR-15. He saw a larger threat to his department as more people were purchasing assault rifles.

Dangers to Society

A standard gun poses some danger to society in the wrong hands. However, a rifle like the AR-15 is designed to cause maximum damage or death and can be used to kill hundreds of people in a few minutes. Its high potential for damage is what sets this model apart from other weapons. Designed for military use, the AR-15 is a powerful weapon on the battlefield. In the civilian world, it can be used to cause mass death. The general population is at a higher risk for gun-related deaths by allowing these guns to be sold to the general public.